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Club X is the first private BDSM-club with a monthly subscription. The club offers its members great possibilities for play sessions. The club has a large party and session space, which has a wide assortment of various devices, six different spaces of which two are in a separate two-room flat and a spacious sauna and sauna lounge.

The club welcomes members and visitors in all languages. Unfortunately the english language translation of the website is still ongoing. Please make use of Google Translate in the mean time, and do not hesitate to contact the club host Lily via email or by telephone 045 665 1191 if there are any questions.

The club requires all activities to be SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL. Discrimination in the club will not be tolerated, the club is open to all genders, orientations and fetishes. No professional activities are allowed in the club premises. Law of Finland and Public Order Act must always be adhered to.

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