Shibari Ropeplay - Harukumo workshop

  • Aika: la 15.10.2022 12.00 16.10.2022 17.00
  • Järjestäjä: Shibari RopePlay
  • Sijainti: ClubX, Mäkelänkatu 54a, 2. krs, Helsinki
TEACHER: Harukumo (@thomas.harukumo on Instagram, @Harukumo oin FetLife)
ORGANISER: Shibari Ropeplay
LOCATION: Club X, Helsinki, Finland
DATE: Sat 15th and Sun 16th of October, 2022
TIME: On both days 12 pm to 5 pm with one hour lunch break (2 pm to 3 pm)
PRICE: 380 euros per couple !! SOLD OUT !!
During this two-day-workshop we will explore fundamental principles of Yukimura-Ryū. Yukimura-Ryû is poetry in ropes. It focuses on connection, emotional exchange and subtle seduction. It assigns space to your partner, and encourages Ukete (receiving partner) to let the inner beauty and emotions flow freely.
Participants will be selected by overall assessment and are expected to fulfill the following requirements:
1) Ready to engage in an intimate and/or sensual encounter with your partner
2) Basic rope handling and shibari experience is needed
+) Previous experience with basic concepts of Yukimura-Ryû is a plus
Please notice that you have to participate in the workshop both on Saturday and Sunday. Note also that the application form needs to include information about both partners and that as a couple you need to fill in the application form only once.
Additional information
There will be three main topics that we will address in detail:
1) How to assess and communicate our feelings towards ourselves and towards our partner
2) How to seductively manipulate our partner to establish a power hierarchy and evoke emotions
3) How to introduce rhythm into our shibari encounters using the dimensions of space and time as well as our emotions to create a full-fledged theater play of desire, love, lust and many other hues
The first step will be to learn more about how bakushi (giving partner) and ukete (receiving partner) experience a shibari encounter. What emotions are evoked? When are certain emotions welling up? What is enjoyable to us, what is not? We will together create a map of our own emotional landscape, to get a better understanding of how we as individuals function and why we engage in shibari in the first place.
As we explore the mutual interaction between bakushi and ukete, we will increase our awareness of how we evoke and communicate our own emotions, how these interactions shape our experience and practice open, transparent communication between the partners. The bakushi will focus on ways to use their emotions to seduce and guide ukete. The ukete will focus on how they can influence and shape their experience through communicating their emotions back to bakushi. We will explore the shifting power relations between bakushi and ukete, and assess ways to establish, maintain and affirm consent with an active power imbalance being in place during the shibari encounter.
Once these principles are understood, we will add more rope techniques and start to create longer and more consistent flows of rope play. During these short encounters, bakushi and ukete will practice establishing their own communicational foundation, find their own rhythm and play out a power dynamic tailored to their individual needs and desires.
Cancellation policy
If the workshop has to be canceled due to the coronavirus situation or other force majeure reason, all payments will be refunded in full to the participants within a week from the cancellation. Information about the possible cancellation will be sent to the email address(es) you provide us in this application.
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