Kinky Finland Meet&Play

  • Aika: pe 22.3.2019 19.00 02.00
  • Sijainti: ClubX (vanha), Sahaanjankatu 35 A, 2. krs, Helsinki
  • Liput: 15 € / jäsenille ilmainen Lippukauppa →

The next Kinky Finland group meet&play event at Club X in Helsinki. We hope you'll join us for a quick chat, with or without whips ;)

The venue is within a short walking distance from the Siilitie subway station and some bus stops.

Club X is a private BDSM Club, so you can dress up as sharply as you want, or as loosely as possible. It's up to you, we won't judge ;)

Since the theme is to meet&play, playing is very much allowed. There's BDSM equipment you can use and a large collection of different whips, floggers and paddles.

There is also a large darkroom and a sauna that is ready for use if you got all sweaty from playing.

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