Kinky Finland: Meet&Play - Come out and play!

  • Aika: pe 16.12.2022 19.00 02.00
  • Järjestäjä: ClubX
  • Sijainti: ClubX, Mäkelänkatu 54a, 2. krs, Helsinki
  • Liput: Tavallinen €25.00 Lippukauppa →
The next Kinky Finland group meet&play event will be on 16th of December at 19:00, at Club X in Helsinki. We hope you'll join us for a quick chat, with or without whips ;)
Meet is being held at Club X ( ) in Vallila, Helsinki.
Address: Mäkelänkatu 54 A, 00510, Helsinki.
To gain entrance to the building use the buzzer Club X and then head to the 2nd floor.
The venue is about 20 minutes (by walking) away from the nearest metro station (Sörnäinen). So a tram or a bus will get you there easier if you aren't driving there. There are both bus and tram stops really nearby.
Club X is a private BDSM Club, so you can dress up as sharply as you want, or as loosely as possible. It's up to you, we won't judge ;)
Since the theme is to meet&play, playing is very much allowed.
There's BDSM equipment you can use and a large collection of different whips, floggers and paddles.
They also have a darkroom and a sauna that is ready to for use if you got all sweaty from playing.
Instructions about the club rules can be viewed from the club's website ( in Finnish) and at the venue (in English and Finnish). But please keep it safe, sane and consensual as per their request.
Since Club X has rent to pay among other costs, the event isn't free. Tickets are 25 euros and you need to get them from
For members of Club X the event is free. (Memberships are not yet available as far as I know)
Due to some legal stuff I don't want to get into, the tickets are only available online. The online store should work even during the event. If it doesn't work for some reason please contact Club X members either here, bdsm-baari or at the venue (in case the store ceases to work after the event has started)
You don't need to use your real name when getting the tickets. You can use your nickname as the first name and ... as the surname.
Any questions? Feedback? Wanna talk about the event? Please feel free to ask them in this thread
Or send me a PM.
1.What will happen to the normal Kinky Finland munches?
Nothing. We will still have those every month as long as Thirsty Scholar will have us.
2.Galesi, do you get paid to do this?
Nope. V've been asked by Club X and some of the members who attend the munches for an event like this. All income goes to Club X.
3.Who is in charge of the event?
Club X staff members carry that weight. If you don't recognize any of them, you can poke me and we will point you to the right direction. It's their venue, their rules and their legal responsibility.
4.Is there any food or drinks at Club X?
Some snacks for sure, sodas, coffee,tea and water. So bring your own alcohol and food if you think you might get hungry.
Please keep in mind that drinking large amounts of booze and playing isn't a great combo. They have a small fridge you can use.
5.Do I need to bring my own toys with me?
Some, yes. While they do own a large variation of things to hurt people, you might want to bring your own collars, gags, blindfolds etc. But it's up to you, depending on what you think you might need.
6.How about lockers for my belongings?
They have some quite small lockers with lock&key. So maybe don't bring everything you own, unless you want to drag it along with you for the whole night. Sharing a locker with your partner/friends is more than welcome.
7.They have a sauna?
Yes, so bring your own towel if you want to use the sauna.
8.Do I need to take off my shoes?
Yes, you can wear indoor shoes though.
9.I checked their site and couldn't find the tickets. Why are they for sale already?
Usually tickets come for sale two weeks prior to the actual event.
10.What if I want to have sex? Is that allowed?
Yes. Having sex is definitely allowed and no one will judge you for having sex.
11.Can I get to the place in a wheelchair?
Yes. There's an elevator you can use to gain access to the 2nd floor.
12.I can't make it this time. When is the next event?
-20th of January and 17th of February.
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